welcome to red alligator.

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Red Alligator Personal Training Studio is a beautifully equipped, well-situated facility in East Ivanhoe, Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere, where everyone feels comfortable to work out and to achieve fitness goals.


Our studio provides easy access to machinery and time to listen to your own music or work out in quiet. We provide a fitness studio where we train you to the exact intensity you need and where you can work hard without ever feeling self-conscious. 



truely satisfied clients.

I had been a regular gym member for some time but was still carrying extra weight. So I was looking for something new and different and found Red Alligator. Since training with Sandro and attending more intense classes I am very excited about the results I’ve achieved. I’m stronger and more confident & I’ve thrown away the scales!! Can’t thank Sandro enough!!
— Michelle
I have been with Red Alligator for over three years and the results have been fantastic. Not only have I been able to loose excess weight, I have seen a dramatic increase to my overall strength and fitness, now finally being able to run 10km, I goal I have never been able to achieve. The classes are current and up to date as well as intimate so that my performance is more focused on. Still the happiest of clients at RAPT! Thanks San, you are a legend.
— Natalie